Last week, I went to Mom’s group, and we were doing “icebreaker” type questions and the one I got was “Use 5 adjectives to describe your life right now.” After answering with “hectic” and “busy” (whose life isn’t that way, really? ) I realized the only real answer popping up in my head was “beautiful.” I had to stop there and kind of take that in.

Life is beautiful, and I feel like I have eyes to see that lately. Sure, like everyone else on the planet, I have circumstances that I want to change. I have challenges I didn’t plan on in my Master Plan For My Life (see page 32).  I have dreams that need to sit on hold indefinitely to pursue what’s needed right in front of me. But without shadows, we can’t really see light for what it is. And I’m so thankful for the light in my life.

This weekend we were, all five of us, taken out by a nasty head cold. We ended up with lots of down time to try to recoup before this next week starts. Plan after plan was cancelled. Yesterday we had a lot of screen time. A lot. But today, we felt better and ventured out into the yard. I worked on the garden and Asher stepped on my baby plants. Abigail and Liam dug up worms and counted them and named them. It was wonderful – just watching them be kids, giving myself a pass on all but the most necessary chores, having a day with no expectations and no schedule. This season of life is Beautiful. And I am Thankful.


Worm counting


And bath time ensued.


Our Maddy. She turned 10 this month!



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