Summer: Week whatever?

Well I think we are on week 6 on summer already, and my idea of blogging weekly about what we are up to has gone by the wayside, like it usually does. The good thing is that’s probably an indicator that we are doing lots of fun things! And I think we are…

Towards the middle of June, Wes’ Aunt and Uncle came and stayed with us for a few days and we had a wonderful visit! They were just fantastic with our kids and we were able to snag a couple little dates, including a motorcycle ride to the top of Canfield.

The last full week of June saw Abi going to camp (for a whole week! gone!) which was super fun for her and super disorienting for the rest of us. She truly is the life of the party around here.

Miss Liberty!

Miss Liberty!

Once Abi got back, it was on to our kiddie parade preparations. Abi has been planning her costume since the middle of May, so we were ready to go. The theme was “celebrating Rock n’  Roll” and they closed off a good bit of the main drag in town. I got the kids some candy to throw and Abi was completely in heaven – Liam even came around and decided it was fun to throw candy and even more fun to work on a sucker.

On the 4th, we headed to West Glacier for some camping and we met up with my parents the following day. They drove cross-country and we spent a few days exploring the park  and walking back and forth on the campground from our tent to thier trailer, which of course was a big hit with the kids! I loved the Two Medicine area of Glacier, there were far less crowds than the West side. I think if we go back, I’d like to camp in the park over there


We came back home about mid-week last week and my parents followed us and spent another few days exploring our area. It was a really great family time visiting, and we snagged some huckleberries to boot! Here’s to the halfway point of summer – so many fun mini adventures have been had, and so many more to come!




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