The missing piece

Liam and Asher sharing some blanket time

The first time we were all five together, in a tiny hospital room, I looked at Wes and said  “This feels so right, it’s like we are all here, finally!”

If you know us well, or even a little, it might have been obvious that we weren’t all “Hey! Let’s have more kids!” I think initially we both wanted three kids, but the challenges we have faced since Liam’s birth had made us both weary and wary of more.  But God knows what we need better than we do, and along came Asher- our bonus baby and our missing piece, no longer missing. We are beyond happy to have one more team member! 

And it turns out, that once you’re tired already, you don’t even notice being just a little “more tired”.

One response to “The missing piece

  1. That is exactly the same feeling I had after Rachel was born…there is just something missing. I felt settled after Noah came, and yes sleep will come eventually! Just a few months ago I was wondering what felt different, and I realized that most of the kids were sleeping through the night most of the time. Enjoy the moments, and God gives you strength when you need it.

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