Welcome, Asher!

All wrapped up in the Moby, zipped up in my jacket, & out for a walk

It’s been almost two months since we welcomed baby Asher into our family. I can’t believe he’s that old already- and that I’m just now updating the blog! I’m going to make a strong effort to update at least weekly now. No, really. Stop laughing.

Asher was born on January 9th after a long, induced labor. I was hoping to skip interventions this time, but after two days of nonstop crying for no reason, not eating, and not sleeping- I wanted to be induced. Everything went just fine and he is an amazing baby! He’s so calm- easily soothed (except for just a couple of hours in the evening…) and just a delight. This week he started cooing and gurgling at us and it’s the cutest. thing. ever. I am just enjoying him in all his baby-ness so much. We all are- especially big sister, who has been getting the most coos of us all!


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