The kind of camping where you carry all your stuff

“Hey Mom, let’s do the kind of camping where you carry your stuff”, she says.
“Yeah sure.”
In our family, that would be akin to begging for seconds on Brussels sprouts, not something we would deny our kids an opportunity to try. We went two years ago in Virginia and now Liam is old enough to hike pretty well himself.
Along with some good friends, we took off on July 4 for an easymoderate 1 3 mile hike with some light 50 pound packs for the grown-ups. We went to a hike-in only campsite along Upper Priest Lake. It was beautiful and fun and the campsite was fantastic.
Unfortunately the mosquitoes were also enjoying the perfect weather and scenery, and apparently tripled their numbers overnight.
So we only made it one night and hiked out the following afternoon. It was definitely worth all the packing
and effort and bug bites, though. Abi’s favorite thing was s’mores. Liam’s favorite was throwing rocks in the lake for hours. My favorite thing was sleeping almost all night in a dark and quiet tent.








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