Two weekends ago we took a long weekend away and drove out to Seattle. Wes had two days of meetings and his company put us up in a really nice hotel with the most comfy beds EVER. Why I actually got up in the morning, took public transportation and went down town alone with two kids is beyond me. But we did get to go up in the space needle and do a LOT of walking around Pike place market. The second day we did IKEA, which made me happy because they have pancakes.


Then Wes was done with work and we took him to the market for more walking around.

20131027-205038.jpg Then we battled Seattle traffic and made it to our camping cabin, which was pretty sweet. Doug and John, Wes’ brother and cousin, both made it out to hike with us up to Wallace Falls. It was a really fun time. Then we were lazy all afternoon, making stew in the Dutch oven and lying around. The drive back through the cascades on Sunday was jaw- dropping gorgeous. All in all it was a pretty fun trip and we definitely want to visit Seattle again!






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