Weekend Fun

In the midst of all the work travel and house projects, we’ve been taking some time for fun too. We have gotten in the habit of Saturday night church, which gets us off on a very restful start to our Sundays. That means bacon, pancakes, and then some exploring. Here are some pictures from the last two weekends.

Weekend before last, we went up to Silver Mountain. You take the longest gondola ride in North America up to the top. Wes and I got bike passes so we took turns riding the lift up and riding bikes down (totally cheating, btw) while the kids played on the playground and ate lunch and hiked around with the other parent.Image



Last weekend, we did the Hiawatha trail. It’s 13 miles, but all downhill, and you take a shuttle back to the top (again, cheating). The scenery was AMAZING and you go through all these tunnels and over trestle bridges. Definitely a must-do!




One response to “Weekend Fun

  1. Sounds delightful!! LOVE the pic of you and Wes. I think I need to print that one out!

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