To love a place

I am sitting here in the Spokane airport getting ready to fly “home” to Blacksburg for a busy week of work.
On the drive over, I realized that this place feels like home now. Which means I now have four home towns.
I’ve fallen in love with this place, finally.
Real love.
It might have come easier if we had moved here in the middle of the summer, but it may not have been as sincere.

If I had been basking in the sunshine, would I have been as warmed by the unsolicited smiles, conversation, and hospitality of total strangers?

If I had been able to play outside instead of moving boxes five times in the last nine months, would I long for the sweet piney smell of the woods and the thousands of acres left to explore?

If I had moved to a place full of friends and family, would I notice how strong our own family has become since September?

The richness of this place is in its people. The adventure in this place is right outside my door. And the joy of this place lives right inside the walls of our house.

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