Apartment makeover: everything else

I’m sure you’re pretty sick of posts with pictures of our apartment, so this will be the last one. Taking a family of 4 from 2400 sq feet to 1000 sq feet (and subtract a yard) has been challenging but fun too. We didn’t do this to be trendy or anything- we felt like this was an important area for us to simplify. In case you think we got this downsizing thing down, we still have a storage unit with our chest freezer and lawn/garden stuff. And boxes of keepsakes to consolidate. But we are getting there! And this season may be over soon, more on that later!
So here is our apartment as it looks today:

entry area

dining and school area


living room- the couch has storage under the chaise and pulls out to a bed! Triple duty!

hall way and decorations

tv area opposite the couch

we turned the coat closet into our arts and craft supplies area, shoe pockets on the door

and cabinet squeezed into the closet, with hanging space for papers on the left and tools on the right

our room, which I really like

and my “office”
The End!


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