From one weekend to the next, to now

Two weekends ago, Wes left for two weeks of business travel in Colorado. I put on my adventure pants and took the kids to explore a state park about an hours’ drive away.



We hiked, climbed trees, played in the dirt, and played on quite possibly the most scenic playground in America (that’s like a fjord and a lake in the background).
The rest of our week went very smoothly, including a 3:30am wakeup and early morning flight to Denver on Wednesday. We spent the rest of the week catching up with Colorado friends- play dates, Aquarium, zoo, CrossFit- so fun! It was an amazing blessing.


The times with friends and the Colorado sunshine put smiles on our hearts. Unfortunately, they also put a nasty bug in the kids’ stomachs, and we spent all weekend cleaning up and holding them. Wes ended up canceling the second week of his trip and we made a break for it Sunday night, armed with Zofran, Benadryl, and Pedialyte and prayers. We made it back without incident, which was a miracle. Wes and I stayed healthy, and so did our incredibly gracious hosts and their kids, which is also a miracle. The rest of the week was trying, with two recovering kids, a dog with diarrhea (and we have no yard), first day of school for Abi, and a dead fish. But we made it! Today we got out for a hike and saw a Bald Eagle swooping through the woods.

And THAT’S how we will be starting the week to come!


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