Apartment makeover: Abi’s room

One of the biggest changes we made to try and fit and function in this apartment was to put the kids in separate rooms again.
We are all sleeping better.
Abi’s room was, as usual, lots of fun to put together. I think we have a good mix of fun and function. Rather than a theme we tried to pull things together with color and pattern, using mostly things we had!

I put some fun ball trim and ribbon on the cheapo curtains (shhh….I hot glued the ribbon, we will see if it holds up).

This was her old desk and a few things she’s made from craft kits on the wall. I covered the desk top with patterned shelf liner – wipeable and easily replaceable too.

We designated Abi as the family librarian, and she organized the kids books to her liking in this little corner. The wall hanging is photocopies of Little House book covers, enlarged and in black and white- then I LAMINATED them. I love my laminator.

This is the shelf from our old playroom, then Abi made labels for the bins with that shelf liner paper.

And this is the top of her little bed. I found the painting at the thrift store for $3. I had to shorten the black thermal curtains because of the baseboard heater, so I used a scrap to make a little bedside caddy (with ribbon scraps from trimming the curtains). The quilt was mine from when I was little – made by my Mom and both Grandmas! Abi seems to love her new space and it makes me smile too!


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