Apartment makeover: school “room” number 5

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the Great Apartment Rearranging and I have to say that our school/kids craft area is my favorite!

It’s part of the dining room. I found a 1950s kitchen table on the cheap to replace our big mid century dining table (*sniff*. But if I start collecting furniture that doesn’t fit in here, I’m going to end up on American Pickers some day).
The only other new thing in the room is the kids table- which has a reversible chalkboard top with storage underneath! Liam loves to shove things down the hole.

Pictured here: practical life/sensory/geography shelves, book baskets, puzzles, science area on the windowsill, art underneath on the hooks


And the genius move of the whole thing: Wes’ idea to use our metal lockable media unit (from Ikea) for school shelves. Now we have our language and math materials inside, it’s the perfect height for the kids, and I can LOCK it (see: boys, 22 months for explanation) when not in use. Plus, it’s magnetic! Genius!!



One response to “Apartment makeover: school “room” number 5

  1. Looks like you are making your home a home …. and school… that you can use and enjoy together. Looks great. love the metal cabinet idea; esp the magnetism πŸ™‚ Looks like you are having fun with home school!! πŸ™‚ excited for you guys. Sorry for the exhaustion issue. So many things can cause that; I pray that you can not beat yourself up, accept the grace you talked about, and move towards God in whatever the mysterious reason is. I pray that it goes away. it’s really hard to operate in that mode; especially with no seen “purpose” like pregnancy or something where you can say…this has value! πŸ˜‰ Love to you all. Congrats on the house sale, too. Just saw that posting. Miss you guys. It’s spring, outside time and I saw chickens in the back fo a truck today and thought of you guys!

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