Works this week

This past week was a fun one, and also a very challenging one.
This week’s difficulty was starting Explode the Code book 2 (it’s a phonics/language series). For book 1, I just had Abi do a few worksheets each day and she really liked them. I also saw a huge gain in her ability to sound out small phonetic words. For book 2, I got the teachers guide and tried to add “fun activities” which were met with sighing, shoulder slumping, and general grumpiness. Back to the worksheets we go! I don’t understand children.
Letter of the week: h
Shape: heart
Phonics: blends cl, bl, gl, fl
Math: golden beads and number cards exercises 4-6 (we are ready for addition!), patterns/tangrams
Sensory(Liam): bead threading on pipe cleaners, plus last week’s
Book: Eggs 1,2,3 by Janet Halfmann
Science: classifying animal families based on our book
And of course, valentine’s craft basket and tray! We had a busy week!





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