Simplicity is….

Simplicity. Something that people in my generation are desiring a return to. I have a pretty good idea what it looks like, too.
-having less stuff
-the stuff you do have is organized
-you grow as much of your own food as you can (in interesting and creative ways)
-you have chickens for eggs
-you exclusively cloth diaper your baby
-you eat local hand picked food
-you make your own cleaning supplies
-you walk or bike as much as you can
-because of your choices, you also have lots of spare time & money
Humph. You know, I’ve tried all this. All good things.
It’s not simple.
It’s circumstantial simplicity.
I want something that runs deeper. Real simplicity. A focus, an end game.
Right now, my circumstances are very different. I no longer have or am aiming to do anything in that bulleted list. (Gasp! Where are my principles?)
I am in a smallish 2nd floor apartment in a sea of suburban monotony in a city where I haven’t seen 2 consecutive days of sun since October.
But I feel my life has simplified from the inside out. My end game is well -defined. I am so thankful.



One response to “Simplicity is….

  1. Real simplicity as you discovered has nothing to do with our circumstances or anything we produce. Real simplicity is found only in that which was done for us by Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3). The god of this world wants to blind people (2 Corinthians 4:4) to this simple truth – that our deepest need is met by simply trusting Jesus. Thank God salvation is 100% His work and none of ours; it makes it a sure thing and since I didnt earn it I cant lose it. What an awesome assurance we have (Romans 4:3-5).

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