Goodbye, house

We are scheduled to close the sale on our house in Virginia at the end of next week. This is good. Mortgage + Rent is hard to swallow. Actually, Mortgage + Rent + Rent is harder, but that was last month.

But I’m sad. I don’t really want to sell our house. 

The house I wasn’t sure about, but Wes said the view was worth a million dollars.

The house where I used to get up early to sit on the deck and soak up the sunrise.

The house where we went from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

The house where Wes built us a chicken coop and we started our own flock.

The house where I worked the garden soil two summers in the hope of a better year next year.

The house where we could walk around in the adjoining woods and fields and pick wild berries.

The house that was a short drive away from dear friends.

The house that we finally felt was worth projects and repairs.

The house where I felt buried alive by housework and trapped in the kitchen.

The house we opened to friends, family, and even strangers as a gathering place and safe landing spot.

The house next door to an amazing couple who showed us how to live out Faith in a real and tangible way.

The house that I grew to love – even its quirky 70’s style.

The house where I stood in the dining room, grabbed my husbands hands, and looked into his eyes and said, “I will go with you wherever you are called to go. Again.”

That house.

I will miss it. And I think back to the story of the little girl whose father asked her for her fake plastic necklace – when she finally relinquished it to him, he gave her a real pearl necklace in its place. I want those real pearls, but my circumstances right now are telling me that I won’t have them. I feel like we gave up everything that was sure and solid for …..? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.


One response to “Goodbye, house

  1. Lots of really good memories and God willing, many, many more! The great thing in the call is not necessarily what or where but Who. It will challenge us according to our preferences, but God works into us his desires (Phil 2:13). We get to know Him in the call (Eph 3:19).

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