This post will make you feel good about yourself.

(Long post alert!! I hate long posts….) We’ve been in our apartment for about 10 days. It’s a heck of a lot better than that awesome disgusting house we were renting, which had enough fleas for all the dogs in town and some black mold that made breathing a new sport.
Although I didn’t like the idea of being cooped up in an apartment without a yard to run wild in, I think this is far better than the last situation. It’s quite a nice place, and we are blessed. All we have left to do is:
1. Fight with the management of the old place
2. Clean the old house
3. Fight with the management some more.
Then we should be free & clear of that lease. But let’s not focus on that. Wouldn’t you like a tour of our new place? It has a one-car garage (read: space for bikes & skis) and we have a second-floor place with no one over us, and only garages under us. I thought about cleaning up before I took the pictures, but then I thought I would just let you feel really good about your house instead. My method (refined 5 times now) of moving into a new place uses the “rotating pile of junk” method. I work my way out of one room, only to find that the pile of homeless belongings migrated to another room. If I do it right, the pile shrinks. I repeat, and eventually (like in 6 months) – the pile is gone.
A couple of notes:
1. I would like to point out the Butterfly Garden on the counter. Our chrysalids decided to emerge one day after bombing for fleas, and the day we moved in 30-degree temps. One butterfly emerged and survived. I’m not sure if I should be afraid of it, or send it off for genetic testing.
2. Look! I made the bed today. Laura – 1, Desire to sleep until the sun comes out – 0.
3. Abi and I decided on a theme for the kids’ room: Little House in the Big Woods. It’s going to be great. For now, we’re going with Little Beds in the Big Mess.
4. Don’t worry – all the stuff in the play room is easily moved so we can have a really nice large space for guests, with an Aero Bed. And you get your own bathroom! AND all the toys!! Come visit us soon!

Here’s what things looked like today:

Living room, being lived in.

The Kitchen and Dining room. Yummy central.

Organizing the attached laundry room meant un-organizing this room.

This room also has a big built in shelving unit behind the door.

Our bedroom. Don’t be fooled, there’s junk all over the dresser where you can’t see.

Kids’ room with the new junior loft.

Gotta watch this one around the ladder. That’s his camera face.

The “master” bedroom is really the play/school/guest room (and my “office”).

My office. As you might expect, productivity is at an all-time high. The old shoe rack helps a lot. [not]

Walk in closet in the “Master”: half Wes’ stuff, half craft/toy storage/school stuff.

Second bathroom – same size as the first!


One response to “This post will make you feel good about yourself.

  1. Oh man, Ung J., I don’t know how you do it. I hate moving so much, and we’ve lived in this house for 5 1/2 years and I don’t know how we have SO MUCH STUFF. I take carloads of crap to goodwill several times a year, and still there’s SO MUCH STUFF. I swear I’m not the one buying it. Does the addition of a human just make plastic reproduce in your house?

    Also, fleas are the worst. Just thinking about them makes me itch. (And if you were wondering, mange is also horrible.)

    I think that with all of these trials, you guys are in for the best Christmas ever. Make some marshmallows! Drink some hot chocolate!


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