What’s that big yellow thing in the sky?

So the sun came out for a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY after hiding pretty well for almost a month. We’ve been reading The Story About Ping this week (we just got our Five in a Row book) – I have an old copy that I think was my Dad’s. Abi wanted to go draw some ducks on location, so we found this neat little spot by a public boat launch on the edge of Fernan Lake.


It was less than a 5 minute drive from our house. We found a good spot and sat down – Liam and I snacking, Abi sketching away.


Those colored charcoal pencils in the picture were mine since middle school – proof that buying quality art supplies is totally worth it! Abi had a great time and Liam ate some unidentifiable things off the ground. While we sat quietly (we scared away the ducks when we first got there) the ducks came back, two turtles emerged from the lake to sun themselves, and a red dragonfly decided that Abi’s shirt looked like a field of real flowers.


All of this was a very needed break from the clouds, and also the problems we’ve been having with our house. I can sum it up this way: wet floors in the kid’s room, black mold in the downstairs, leaking pipes, and a flea infestation. Fun, huh? So much for cute old downtown house. We’re going to have to move, sometime between this Saturday and next. This time our movers aren’t available, so we have to figure out how to do it without really knowing anyone. The funny thing is we just have peace, so I’m sure all the details will work out.


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