Going Pro

Not a whole lot has gotten done as far as settling in around here. This past week I had a rare opportunity to attend a professional conference. I’ve been doing a big of research work for a professor at VT, and when he mentioned that I’d be right near the SAF (Society of American Foresters) conference this year, he was hoping I would present a poster of our work.

So, I went, and presented a poster. Sounds simple enough – but finding reliable child care in a new town was a little nerve wracking. I was able to find someone, almost too easily, through a contact I made at the church we’ve been going to. The lady who watched the kids was AMAZING. Abi came home with a bag full of crafts, and she got Liam to take 2-hour naps without mama!

I am just continuing to be blown away by how one small step of faith is leading to so many good things and opportunities for us as a family. At the conference, I got up to speed on what I’ve missed over the last 8 years or so. I realized that although my very part-time professional life has steered more towards Geography, I haven’t lost the desire to know that what I teach and even what I research is really helping someone, somewhere make a better decision about how to manage our precious resources. That’s what Forestry is all about. I’m passionate about it, and I loved being around people who are passionate about the same things. I had some conversations with people working in our new area, and there are some really exciting things to look into in the near future.

Also? I didn’t have to change a single diaper. And no one, not a single person, in the span of 7 hours, asked me for a snack. Even on 4 hours of sleep, that’s what I call a vacation.Image


One response to “Going Pro

  1. I’m so glad everything just came together for you! God knows what He’s doing:) That’s so cool that He is rekindling those passions and desires. Can’t wait to hear how this develops!

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