A quick update

We’re still alive! We survived a whole week without Wes, who left 2 days after we started unpacking.
On the second day he was gone, Liam slept for 4 hours. Not for a nap – I mean, at night, like total.
On the fourth day he was gone, I woke up to the realization that Maddy had fleas for the first time ever, and they were probably in the house when we moved in. That resulted in a very interesting day for me, that culminated with Liam pooping in the tub.
Needless to say, we got almost no unpacking or homeschooling done (unless you count learning about natural pest remedies school, so maybe we did?) and I feel like I just finished a marathon or a really long bike race.
This week, I have a professional conference for 3 days, so that should feel like a vacation.
We’re getting in a few short walks/bike rides here and there, and the weather just turned chilly a few days ago. The fall colors in town are brilliant, and the mountains outside of town are a patchwork of bright yellow aspens and deep green firs and ponderosas – it’s beautiful.
Anyway, it’s Sunday, I’ve got granola in the oven making the house smell delicious, is cold and drizzly outside, and I think I better go unpack a box.
More soon!


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