sneak peek
Remember when I was being all whiny about not wanting to live in a little apartment and wanting that cute little bungalow that existed only in my head?
Well, we moved into that bungalow on Thursday.
We found a little (probably <1000 sq. foot finished) blue house, near down town, on a quiet side street. We can walk to the library, the park, and the bakery (which has Paleo treats, btw).
Yesterday was an unpacking day and I am feeling a bit overwhelemed (ok, more than a bit). All the paper and boxes and disorganization is about making me crazy. Also, I found mouse poop in just about everything that was packed up from our kitchen. It seems that the mice threw a big party once we left. Like a bunch of rebellious teenagers.
But we are SO blessed.
We now have a yard for the kids and the dog, a large shed/garage in the back for our outdoors stuff, a little galley kitchen that will be easy to care for…I could go on.
More pictures to come – for now, just realize that every single room looks like this:
hot mess


2 responses to “Moving

  1. Thanks Laura and Wes for following the Lord and the goals He puts on your heart. It makes me think that we could manage with a smaller footprint if we needed to if we ever buy a house. You are ever inspiring! (and awesome!) Love you!!

  2. Aren’t you glad God can see the houses in our heads? He cares about the little things we care about! So glad you all are getting settles. Miss you.

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