There’s a word I never thought I’d use in the sentence “We’re doing ______.”

But then I started to get excited about the idea of it (before we left Virginia). We have lots of wonderful friends in Virginia who homeschool their exceptionally bright, lovely, talented, and (yes!) social children. So I guess I had lots of good examples.

We did a bit of “road-schooling” during our three weeks on the road – practicing phonics readers and a little bit of handwriting. For the past week, we’ve been doing more of a routine, something like this:

  • Get up, eat breakfast, clean up
  • “Circle time” (Abi and I and occasionally Liam, it’s a weirdly shaped circle): sing a song, pray, do a letter sound/shape of the week, a character trait of the month, and the weather
  • Journal time: Abi writes the date, draws a picture of the weather, and anything else pertaining to school that day
  • Writing practice (just a really small amount – like 10 letters, max); tactile letters
  • Phonics reading practice
  • Book for the week and activity/activities of the day: I’m loving homeschoolshare.net and the “Five in a Row” concept. Library visits on Monday.

And, Friday is now “kid’s choice” day. Since Liam refuses to talk, Abi gets to choose, so she seems to like that.

All except for the part where she hates homeschool.

She’s been having a very hard time using kind words (I’m putting things mildly here). I’ve found her sitting on the front porch, looking across the street at the Elementary School with a very sad look in her eyes. Tonight at bed time she broke down in tears because she wants to go to school so badly. She has had three years of Montessori Preschool now, and I think that the social aspect of being around other children is part of what makes Abi tick.

So there you go. That’s what homeschooling is like for us, so far. I’m still glad we’re doing this, but I think it’s going to be a very, very short season for us.


2 responses to “Home.School.

  1. Yes…. I think you have a little social butterfly on your hands… Maybe you can find some non-school ways to help meet her need for social interaction. Will be praying that God will divinely appoint people to put in your path. You know God loves Abi more than you can as her mom and He knows what He has put in her and He is faithful to provide for her as well…

  2. Natalie cries about going to school too. 😦 But somedays I see hope – like the day she told my friend she was too smart to go to regular school and she would be bored. LOL. The girls could skype school sometimes?

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