We are here!

Chillin outside the awesome library down town

We landed in our new town in Northwestern Idaho on Saturday afternoon.
Sunday, we went to go visit a church first thing in the morning, and our Tahoe died in the middle of the street. That was fun! It’s still parked outside, dead. We’re waiting to get a recommendation on a mechanic.
The apartment search has begun, as we only have one month in this cool little place we are renting. It’s a 1920’s house (my favorite!) with cool old doorknobs, built-ins, and a modern kitchen. At first, we didn’t like being down town. Now that we’ve been here more than 24 hours I’m liking it a lot. There are a lot of mamas out walking with strollers during the day and people riding their cruiser bikes around in the evening. The new, huge library is just a few blocks away, as are a bike path and playgrounds.
The rental search is making me edgy. I guess its those mama bear instincts – I want to know where we’ll settle! Like now! Having left our house over 3 weeks ago is probably adding to that ticking time bomb feeling that I have. Patience, patience….I need lots of grace to be patient.

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