On the road: Day ten, some more

rocky beach

Two full days in Glacier have flown by. It’s been good to be parked for a couple of days before we get to our new home. (Check the Flickr photostream on the right to see more, or my Google Plus album…) As I put Liam to bed tonight (which is now a 2 hour process, thanks to a new molar…) I started thinking about all the things that I will need to fit into one day when we start our new life in CDA. Work, homeschool, exercise, cooking, cleaning, building new friendships, investing in friends and family…..yeah. Totally overwhelming. Especially overwhelming when sleeping is all I think about most of the time.
I can make choices, though.
Choices are not nice thoughts, or exercising willpower, or things I would like to do.
I’ve come to learn on this most recent journey that choices are small, sometimes imperceptible steps in the direction that I already know I need to go.
Choosing joy over sadness.
Choosing hope over checking out.
Choosing to follow over leading.
Choosing to eat carrots instead of marshmallows.
Choosing to have faith over being overwhelmed.
The best part about these choices is that even when I mess up, which is all the time (especially the one about carrots), I can make a different choice next time. Just a small step in the right direction. When I see that Abi can hike 5 miles, being under four feet tall, it must mean that even the smallest steps are really quite effective.


3 responses to “On the road: Day ten, some more

  1. This was good for me to hear! Power to choose…small steps are quite effective…And I am working on learning to let a few things go (house is not as clean as I want it to be – was reminded of Bridget Opazo’s feedback on that today: “Cleaning – no, why live your life mad” (bc i was mad about things not being clean)…

    E’s on Liam’s schedule I think now – up every two hours every night…to nurse.

  2. Great advice for all of us:) With work, school, house, side biz, and family I get overwhelmed far too easily and remembering to take things as they come makes it all feel more manageable.

  3. thanks for putting marshmallows in my head. I started craving them when I was preggers with N and haven't ever stopped….

    and thanks for the rest of it too.

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