On the road – days six and seven (a.k.a. “day of screaming”)

ingalls home

Day six (that was yesterday, uhhh… I think) was pretty enjoyable. We broke camp a little late due to Liam not sleeping that night. Then we headed up to De Smet, SD to see some of the places Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in and wrote about in her Little House books. Abi was SO excited on the drive over, you would have thought we were going to Disney Land. As we watched the endless prairie and little glacial lakes roll by, she was chatting up a storm. The grasslands were alive! And so full of stories of adventures! I was surprised at how much of the books she is really comprehending (and remembering). Our tour guide was also impressed with her Little House knowledge!

lantern light

We tore ourselves away from the museum in the early afternoon and managed to make it to Rapid City, SD last night. One tiny detail was that in the morning, one corner of the pop-up started misbehaving and trying to open up when we were driving. One ratchet strap later, we were set. Then we had a bit of trouble setting up the camper last night, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t fix.

Day seven, that was today. We woke up pretty early this morning at our KOA, pumped for the day. After hot showers, breakfast, and laundry, we realized….the pop-up was not going to pop-down. Which is kinda important.
A traveling RV repairman came out, and $100 later, the pop-up is down…and staying down for a while (it’s not fixed, just down). After it was down, we all realized that a good bit of our stuff was still in there, so I had to climb into the pop-up to retrieve it, with it like 1/4 of the way up. That was fun.
And that is the end of our camping in the Apache this year. It means no camping inside of Glacier National Park for us.
We started our day on the road about 4 hours late, and Liam has spent the better part of the afternoon screaming. Somehow we have still managed to make it to Billings, and God willing, we will get to Glacier tomorrow night.
Let this be the last day of screaming on this trip, please.
We’re safe and sound tonight, Liam seems quite happy to be out of his car seat, and we have so much to be thankful for. Just remember next time you romanticize driving cross-country, that it is never the way you think it is going to be. (That reminder was for me)

One response to “On the road – days six and seven (a.k.a. “day of screaming”)

  1. I would like a video of the pop up item extraction. Sounds a bit like caving! šŸ™‚ Good bit of advise about romanticizing the drive, esp. will little ones. I hope you can stay somewhere SWEET in Glacier. And you live “close” – so more camping adventures await you there!

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