On the road – Days Two, Three, and Four

chicago family


Day two: Ohio to Chicago to Milwaukee. We visited extended family in Chicago around lunch time and they treated us to a wonderful lunch and visit even though we gave them almost no notice we were coming! Then we drove in the rain to Milwaukee and landed with our good friends the Dawsons. We’ve been here the past few days, and tomorrow we take off again.

It’s been fun, and crazy too. We have girls that are 11 months apart, and boys that are 6 days apart. Put 2 preschoolers and 2 toddlers in one car together and at least one person is usually screaming. We’ve done the children’s museum, Kopp’s burgers, playgrounds, and a barn dance, and the weather has been perfect. We are going to miss them when we leave (but I think they will relish the extra sleep…)

We have no more visits planned from here on out. I feel like tomorrow is the part where we start just going out on our own. We were going to try to see a few more friends in the Midwest as we made our way out tomorrow, but those plans aren’t going to work out. I am starting to feel a bit more anxious. It all feels so…unknown, scary, and exciting.

2 responses to “On the road – Days Two, Three, and Four

  1. Bummer! We were hoping for a stop in Colorado :(. But, since it’s not really on the way, totally understand. Drive safely, do not get anxious-you have another amazing journey awaiting you in Idaho! Stay in touch, we’ll always be here if you need anything. What an exciting adventure! Our thoughts and prayers are with you-lots of love! -the Watkins

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