How to have an organized car trip

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I thought I’d share some of my road-tripping and traveling advice with you today. We’re 2 days into our extended road trip and are hanging out at the beach. Here’s a no-fail 10 step process to help you with your next family trip:

1. Make an extensive packing list. The more detail, the better.

2. Park the car in the driveway, close to the house. Make everyone get out and go play in the backyard with Dad.

3. Empty everything out of the car. Everything – even that green french fry under the back seat.

4. Vacuum. Wipe the spit-up and applesauce off the sides of the doors.

5. Load the car with your organized bins, bags, and folder of travel documents.

6. Lock the car.

7. Go in the house.

8. Lock the house.

9. Brew some coffee and see how long it takes for them to find you.

10. Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself, your children, or your husband to enter the car. Hide the keys somewhere tricky (like in plain sight, on the key hook).

Enjoy your organized car trip!

One response to “How to have an organized car trip

  1. Ha! Love it! What an awesome picture (and I love your shirt!) I’ll buy a little chalkboard for next time you visit Blacksburg (2013?) and maybe we can get our pic with said chalkboard in ID!

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