Part one of our journey back across country (we leave in 2 days! ack! and I’m blogging instead of packing….): buy old, only slightly mildewy camper. We found a hard-sided 1978 Apache pop-up on Craigs List at the beginning of the month. So far, renovations have included:


removing the NASCAR sticker collection (as well as some R-rated stickers, not photographed) with goo-gone and fingernails. 

(Do they even make more NASCAR stickers than what’s pictured here? Surely they don’t. That would not be possible.)


pulling down avocado-green polyester curtains and BUYING FABRIC! (Use excited voice here….) I can’t wait to show you the “after” pictures, but I have a lot of sewing to do while we’re staying with family).


testing the stability of the various parts of the camper

We’re also going to replace the foam mattresses while we’re at it, and paint the interior plywood. Because, you know, we need more projects. Stay tuned!


One response to “The APACHE

  1. Heya Happy Birthday Laura! Thank you so much for sharing on your blog…means alot to us out West!! Good luck in the next few weeks I know its frantic right now.. you are so fantastic getting everything ready.. Bless you!

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