Last Weekend

paint bank

We had a great last weekend in Blacksburg. Saturday night we were treated to a fun good-bye party with our church family. We ate potatoes, learned fun facts about Idaho, chatted and prayed. The kids ran around (Liam literally ran around in circles) and wore themselves out. 

Sunday we got to drive out to the Swinging Bridge restaurant in Paint Bank, and then go for a short hike at Glen Alton with our great friends the Steikas. I know we are all really going to miss them a lot, it was a huge treat to get to hang out with them for a whole afternoon. Kim is one of those rare and wonderful friends who has made the time and effort to invest in me even when we lived 2000 miles apart. So, what’s another few hundred miles on top of that? I’ll miss her terribly, but I know we’ll stay good friends, and for that I am so thankful!


One response to “Last Weekend

  1. So I was surprised with myself that I wasn’t crying at least a bit at the potato party or sunday but this post sure made me well up. I was so encouraged by Lois phlegar’s prayer – that God comfort the hearts of those who stay and that what we have learned together in this season we won’t loose – that our God discoveries are eternal and so is our friendship in the Lord! And I was thinking this morning – how awesome that I had a two year season of in person investing in our friendships ( all johnsons) and am excited for future adventures! And am glad I will be upgraded to unlimited texts! That will help! We love you!

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