What Just Happened?


We are moving.
In 9 days.
To Northern Idaho.
We’re just moving forward right now, house on the market, new (1978) camper parked outside, ready for our next adventure. This was unexpected and definitely not in our long-term plans. We love it here, we love everything about living in this town, and we love being able to drive to visit most of our family. But a new opportunity awaits Wes, and the rest of us too. For the first time in 9 years, Wes will work semi-normal office hours. He’ll get to work on really tricky engineering problems. We’ll get to live near a lake, so I hope that our summers are spent playing in the water and hiking in the mountains and biking on the bazillion miles of bike trails (without any grizzly sightings). We are sad, very, very, sad to leave our friends here. But we feel more like we’re being sent out – with an army of amazing people who are “for” us – instead of sent away. That gives me hope and makes it all seem okay. And I’ll probably get back to blogging a lot more now that life has lost its “comfortable” status again.


One response to “What Just Happened?

  1. Way to…consider, listen, explore, trust, follow. It is fast and yet it seems so peaceful and gentle (at least from my perspective). I do pray it will be just that – a smooth, peaceful and gentle transition.
    The Lord is YOUR Shepherd. You shall not be in want. He makes you lie down in green pastures. He leads you beside still (crystal clear glacier blue) waters. He restores your soul. He guides you in paths of righteousness for HIS namesake…

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