Our favorite (healthy) treat recipes

I’ve had a couple of requests for recipes for our favorite healthy treats, so I’m giving you a quick list of them. I used to really love baking, but since giving up processed sugar back in September, I’m finding I don’t miss it so much. Especially when there are recipes like these that require nothing but a food processor and 5 minutes of my time. More time left for chasing chickens around the yard and picking up spoons (Liam’s favorite toy) from all over the house.

So here are our new favorites, with some notes:


Yep, raisins are the base. Formerly on my “most hated” list: right up there with Mannheim Steamroller and throwing up. Now, they’re not just okay, but sooooo good (but really, is there anything that chocolate can’t fix?). Wes loves these (see: chocolate/peanut butter addiction). 


Cookie dough dip that went viral online a few months ago – very, VERY good. Note to self: do not eat an entire recipe, alone, within 12 hours, ever again. ‘Cause, you know, it’s made entirely of beans and dried fruit. I have to think ahead a bit for this one, since the dates soak for 8 hours. Then I have time to talk myself down from eating the whole recipe again.


I posted this link because we make something similar weekly (we call ours: Brownie Bites), and some people like to know amounts. You can substitute ANY nut for the walnuts. I do a bag of chopped pitted Sun Maid dates, a large handful of nuts, and sometimes a splash of vanilla or T or 2 of cocoa powder. I think this girl’s recipes are good, but heavy on on the cocoa. (Our family favorite: dates, raw cashews…that’s it!). Oh, and you do NOT need to put them in cute little muffin cups unless you’re feeling “fussy” (as Mom would say). Ours are gone before I even have time to think about stuff like that.

And a few that require a bit more time (but not much):


These are SO yummy and I think that even though we’re off a gluten-free diet now, they will be our new favorite.


So, almond meal is just almonds that are ground up into a powder. I bought some already ground at the health food store (in the fridge), but word is, you can easily make it in a food processor. Wes is not a muffin fanatic, like me, but he LOVES these. Any fruit or even nut would be a good sub for the blueberries.

I guess I should point out that these are all treats – they don’t make up the bulk of our diet. Although there are days that Abi is powered entirely by brownie bites. These have been some great alternatives for us when we really want some cookies, muffins, and other things that don’t look like meat or veggies or eggs.



3 responses to “Our favorite (healthy) treat recipes

  1. yum! thanks for posting. I am going to make some peanut butter ones before our trip to NY!

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