Real Food Only, Please

Some of Liam’s first bites. He does not like food as much as his sister did!

About a month ago, we made some important changes in our diet – and they are sticking, and making a big difference in how we feel. That’s the only reason I’m sharing it here. My friend Liz told me about the 100 days of real food blog, written by a real mom, with two real kids. It didn’t seem fanatic, just approachable. Now, we’ve been pretty healthy eaters by most standards for a while. But Wes and I (yes, Wes, too) couldn’t help but think – let’s just pay attention to what we eat – close attention – for ten days. That ten days has become thirty. We have cut out refined sugar and refined flour. For me that means less baked goods, for Abi that means plain instead of sugary yogurt, and for Wes that means no sodas at work. I don’t think Liam cares. For all of us, it has meant no white pasta or white rice. It’s been eye-opening, too – we were eating a decent amount of “organic/natural” processed food, and did you know that regular soy sauce has corn syrup in it!?!?. I have been feeling great – less mood swings, and my tired slump in the afternoon is less noticeable when I stick to whole grains and small amounts of natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup*). I hope it sticks! (After all, honey is really sticky).

*I know these things are the same nutritionally as refined sugar, but I use so much LESS of them than I would refined sugar. I think that’s the key.


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