six months already
Liam, six months

“Now is the blessing.
Now is the time to love.
Now is the time to be.”
– From Now it is Winter by Eileen Spinelli
My new favorite children’s book ends with this lovely line. In the book, a little mouse keeps asking his mother if spring will ever come, along with all the things he loves to do in the spring. As they go through the day, the mama mouse answers him by showing him the wonderful things about the current season – winter. Lately I have been getting hung up in how quickly the days pass by – and even though it’s a little childish, I even felt sad about summer coming to a close.
Maybe it’s having a second child that has made me painfully aware of how short and precious this life on Earth can be. I’m also a worrier – so between lamenting the past and worrying about the future, somehow this little kid’s book really hit me. It brought Matthew 6:25-31 to life, especially verse 31(b): “Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Not in a “every day is terrible trouble” sort-of way, but I actually thought Jesus must have laughed a bit when He said this initially – there is plenty to do today. Worry seems just plain silly. Now is a blessing. Now is the time to love – to act out of love. Now is the time to think about blessing others. To live fully. To be.


2 responses to “Now

  1. I would like to read that book! The kids are pretty excited about winter, but yes I am totally in thinking about the next thing and not the now. Especially on the days that the now is a long and difficult day. That is a good thing to keep fresh in my mind.

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