Yet another Camping Trip

beach babe
traila bike

Whenever I get an REI summer catalog, they always have these pictures of people camping at the beach. As in, ON the beach. It looks so fun! Honestly, I have no idea where in the United States you can do that (unless you are a billionaire and own your own beach), but I’m sure it’s great. So we decided to try to camp at the beach in Delaware – there’s a gorgeous state park with lots of natural dunes and campsites less than one mile from the beach.
Of course, it rained. Heavily.
So, after wising up to how much fun it is to dry out camping gear (and the thought of a 7-hour drive spent soaking wet), we opted to visit family instead. We had a great time, and I think I am learning how to roll with life a little bit better now that I’m all mature and 30 and stuff.
We still made it out to the state park (it didn’t rain during the day one day) and rode on their little bike path, visited the beach, and had fun. Not quite the action-packed weekend we had planned, but fun nonetheless. We’ll try again next year. Besides, those (pretend) REI catalog people missed out on some awesome family time while they were frolicking on their private beach.


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