The Dirty Thirty

wet breakfast
Making breakfast in the rain – more fun than it looks!
Yes, I turned 30 at the end of August. No, I wasn’t particularly happy about it. But there’s nothing I can do about it, so we went mountain biking the following weekend. Wes came up with the “Dirty 30” idea – that over 24 hours, I would ride 30 collective miles on my mountain bike on my favorite trails, and we’d camp out in the forest. Normally, 30 miles could be in one ride – but I have a small nursing infant, so I don’t really have several hours to spare. Also, Liam rewarded me with 3 hours of sleep (total) the night before. We set up camp and got in a 6 mile ride. Friends stopped by, some stayed to baby sit (thanks!!!) and some stayed to hang out. That ended up being our favorite part. The other laps never happened, as it started raining around 10 pm that night and kept on raining all week. We made breakfast in the rain and packed up our dirty, sopping wet stuff and headed home. The only part that really wasn’t fun was cleaning up for a week after only camping less than 24 hours!


2 responses to “The Dirty Thirty

  1. Ahhh, yes, camping….so good when it stops. Just kidding. Actually this past weekend I got to thinking about short overniters again. I have this notion that it would be really cool to go ultralight someday. You know, bum back, etc makes ultralight more appealing. Now, if I could only find the time to do it. Thats where the someday part comes in. You know what they say, Plan ahead and prepare. So I guess I’m currently planning on planning. 😉

  2. We’re in a different stage – the “bring as much stuff as you can” stage of camping. I am looking forward to having the kids both big enough for backpacking or bikepacking so we don’t have to keep track of so much junk! (And dry it out, clean it, and put it away). 🙂

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