Official Lake Month

Is August in our household, apparently. If you forgot, you have only 3 more days to visit a lake this month, so you’d better hurry up. Our first lake visit in August was a camping trip to Cave Mountain Lake. We had never been there before, but we LOVED it. Sweet car camping spots, trails, a bath house, a pristine little lake….pretty much perfect. We got there Saturday morning and set up camp, then went swimming and sand-flinging. I forgot to bring a baby carrier so we fashioned one out of an old sheet. I got a lot of weird looks (from people other than Wes). I also forgot baby wipes. This should have been a clue for us. We made a yummy dinner over a campfire and had s’mores. It rained, but that was fine, we hung out in the Tahoe. By 8:30 everyone was ready for bed…except Liam. We all got in our extremely waterproof backpacking tent and discovered that 4 people plus a dog breathing together in a watertight space in the Virginia summertime makes it roughly 900 degrees inside the tent (same tent worked perfectly in Colorado summers). I started worrying about dying of heat stroke or drowning in a puddle of sweat in my sleep. Then the night-time trailer-parking people started showing up and, to put it nicely, being annoying. So….that was it for that lake trip. We were asleep in our own beds by 11 pm that night.



For our other three lake visits this month, I did some weekday trips to a nearby lake that we love. It turned out to be easier than I thought to do that on my own – using the Chariot, of course, to navigate over the sand down to the shore line. Abi is able to hold her breath and float now, so I felt pretty comfortable just parked under an umbrella, Liam chilling on a blanket – watching Abi build castles, find treasures, make new friends, play with old friends, and just have a good time. We’ll be back next summer – I’m sad that lake month, and lake time is over for this year.


Always pointing her toes, that Abi…


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