I have lots of photos to blog from the last month, and I might get around to it (inbetween feedings, naps, and running around). But right now I just want to share what I’m thankful for, because I’m feeling cranky, and this always helps.
– Friends, near and far
– A husband that takes super good care of us, and is also my best friend
– The view off our back deck
– The new table Wes made us for that same deck
– All the green tomatoes in the garden (like a forest! only made of tomatoes!)
– Citronella candles
– The riot of insect noises coming from the woods in the middle of the summer
– Lightning bugs
That’s it for tonight. I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes.


One response to “Thankfulness

  1. Moby is in love with lightning bugs in theory, he loves the idea of us catching them and holding them, but if we try to get him to hold them he flips out.

    Best news of the summer so far for us is the lack of stink bugs in the garden, we had swarms last year, but I have only found 1 this year.

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