Like camping, but with more sleep

We were planning on camping out this weekend. Then, Abi, Liam, and I all got colds. Since I’m already pretty sleep-deprived, I figured not sleeping in the woods would be the same as not sleeping at home for me, but the kiddos (and Wes) really needed to sleep at home this weekend. Enter backyard camping. We even “camped” on the night before the Great American Backyard Campout, which I am pretty sure is a way to earn money, since people with little kids have been backyard camping long before there was a special day for it.
We cooked hot dogs and squash on the grill, and ate on our really sketchy, rickety picnic table (see, just like a camp ground!). We set up the tent for Abi to play in.
Wes got a fire going in our backyard fire pit.
Abi and I made marshmallows earlier in the day, and I can assure you that a homemade marshmallow roasted over a bonfire does not need chocolate and graham crackers to make it taste better, but we made s’mores anyway.
(NO, we didn’t feed our 7-week old s’mores. But I bet he wishes we did.)

We finished off our camping “trip” with Wes playing the guitar and Abi chasing down as many lightning bugs as she could fit in her tiny jar. Then we went home and slept in our own beds, which may have been the best part. We’ll save the real camping for later in the summer. We were going to camp at a climbing area, so we headed out to climb the next day anyway….that will be the next post!


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