One Month Ago…

…our son, Liam, was born. It doesn’t seem like it’s been a month yet. The sleep deprivation has made every one of the past 31 days blur into one long, strange, wonderful, and difficult day.
What’s he like? Well, he likes to eat. He takes good naps (hallelujah). He snorts and coos and laughs in his sleep. He’s lovely and soft and totally “dorable”, as Abi says about 83 times a day. He is also responsible for a ridiculous amount of laundry.
As for the rest of us, Abi loves being a sister and does not seem jealous at all. She has been allowed to cover herself in water, mud, and “clean” the tub with copious amounts of hand soap and a nail brush (all of that was just today) due to lack of supervision. I am completely in awe of people that keep more than 2 children well-fed, alive, and even happy at the same time.
Most of all, Wes and I are enjoying that fleeting feeling that only comes when your newborn child is snuggled up against you, sound asleep. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, or that the cloth diapers are sitting outside under a gathering thundercloud, or that Abi is caked in mud, or that the dog has been gone for an hour (again). We just sit and soak it up. Well, that, and yell for help with all the other stuff.


2 responses to “One Month Ago…

  1. He is so precious Laura! I think the jump from one to two was the hardest…maybe you need a third and then they start taking care of themselves (sorry for the kid humor). Soak it all in!

  2. Love the last pic of Liam. Looks like he may get brown eyes? And Ms. Abi isn’t quite as covered in mud as I imagined. Fun summer days! Love you and your beautiful family.

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