March was a busy month for us. We wrapped it all up by finally moving all of the junk out of the baby’s room and trying to make it look like a room actually intended for a baby (when, in reality, he’ll spend his night times in our room- but a nice quiet place for nursing and napping and changing was still a priority). I went crazy and painted on the wall again. I tried to use some of the pattern from the rocker that my parents bought for us. If it wouldn’t look ridiculous I would paint murals all over the house, it’s so much fun. But that would look ridiculous, so I’ll try to control myself.

Abi created some art work titled “Me and my brother when I am 8 and he is 4.” Which, of course, had to be framed.

This past weekend our family had a shower for us in Northern Virginia, which was a huge blessing and turned out to be a very relaxing weekend before we’re confined to staying in our own town for the next two months or so. Abi opened all the presents, of course!

In addition to out-of-control nesting, eating, waddling, and napping, I’m also participating in my obligatory annual spring excitement about gardening before I forget about all the plants and kill them (Wes never participates in this important part of our seasonal family tradition, however, he’s helping me out this year out of pity, I think). So far, I haven’t killed anything, so maybe my next post will be about that.


3 responses to “Preparing

  1. Love the title of Abi’s art work! You looked so pretty at the shower. And if anyone could make a mural work in EVERY room – you could!

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