Colorado was calling

Wes had a conference in Denver last week, so we took advantage of his already being there and joined him for a long weekend (that felt way too short) later in the week.
The first full day we were all there as a family, we headed up to Devil’s Thumb Ranch for some cross-country skiing, winter fun, and a night away in a pretty posh cabin. This was not KOA cabin camping, that’s for sure! The food was amazing, the skiing was so-so (it was warm, and I was coming down with something, but they have miles of groomed trails), ice skating was a hit, and night skiing was super fun. (Note: XC skiing at 32 weeks pregnant, totally do-able and not scary at all. Ice skating – not so much). The feather bed topper in our cabin definitely didn’t hurt either. It was a treat, and the closest thing we’ll have to a “babymoon” before baby gets here.
The biggest surprise of the whole day was when Abi begged us to let her ski. This year we have not been able to pick up where she left off with downhill skiing last year, and we were figuring on massive frustration on her part. So we get her all strapped in, her bindings secured, and before we can say anything, she’s taking off uphill shouting “I’m doing great! I love these skis!” (they were pink, so that helped). She LOVED going uphill and on the flat areas. She completely hated going downhill, so we were done after that, but what a surprise!
She had also been asking all winter to try ice skating. The only skates in her size were hockey skates, which are harder to learn on since both tips are curved. Once again, she amazed us by heading right out on the ice, nothing to hold on to, and scooting around on her own. She did fall a few times, but she just laughed and got herself right back up!
ice skate
The next day we headed down to Denver and stayed with some great friends. I was starting to feel really under the weather at that point. Abi was so thrilled to get to see our friends’ son and we barely saw either of them all weekend, they had so much fun playing together! Saturday we visited with lots of friends, having lots of fun from morning till night, and I was treated to an afternoon of tea and a pedicure by our playgroup friends. It was great to catch up with people and I wish I had been feeling up to more visiting – Sunday I crashed, and we mostly hung out and relaxed, which was very nice.
Overall, it was too short of a trip! We really enjoyed reconnecting with people, missed those we weren’t able to see, and I felt sad all over again about moving away. Now that we’re home and settling back into our routine, I know we’re where we are supposed to be right now, and we’re so blessed to have friends all over the country – thanks to all our crazy moving adventures. I can’t wait to get back out to Colorado and share that part of our family history with our new little guy someday soon.


2 responses to “Colorado was calling

  1. Love the photos! Glad you had the opportunity to reconnect with friends again and enjoy CO. l especially enjoy how confident Abi is when she tries something new. In no small part thats because of her upbringing. Good job!

  2. Love the pics:) I wish I had Abi’s sense of adventure, I didn’t try ice skating when I was little because I was afraid of falling through the ice (then again, unlike Wes, I was afraid of everything).

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