February Crafty Round-Up

I’m going to try to remember to share my crafty endeavors here on the blog. February was a sewing month for me – after, of course, the painting/refinishing/minor renovating of our kitchen and bathroom.
My sister and sister-in-law both recieved bags for their Birthdays (because who doesn’t need more bags?).
For my sis, I made the Buttercup bag from Made By Rae in an Amy Butler fabric that I had just enough left for the pattern,adding interfacing inside the handle:
Buttercup Bag
And sis-in-law received a small tote bag made from an Eddie Bauer shirt that Wes destroyed, and a really cool fat quarter that I picked up somewhere for the pocket, made using this tutorial, which makes a nice strong tote, but altering the size of the bag and adding heavy interfacing to the handle interior (they hold their shape that way):
I also made two matching shower caddies, one for me, and one for my swim buddy Kim. I was showering after swimming one day and was supremely annoyed that despite the incredible new aquatic center pool we swim in, there was no place to put my stuff except on the floor (ick). As I stood there I came up with this design. The backing is Oil Cloth, the pockets are made of window screening (which sews up really well, surprisingly), and I sewed the top tabs around a little kid clothing hanger. The hanger can be hung on the shower curtain rod. So far, so good!


2 responses to “February Crafty Round-Up

  1. Wow Laura! You are so talented! The bags and shower caddy look awesome! Hope you all are doing well and best of luck with the new addition to your family.

  2. Forgot to mention how awesome my bag is. I have been using it to haul my hat projects around. It is a nice size for transporting small projects and will make a great purse tote too!

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