Four Years

IMG_4597, originally uploaded by mtblaura.

A very special someone in our household turned four this month. Last time I did the same thing for four years straight, they gave me a degree and a pat on the back. I can’t say that parenthood has been anything like getting a degree.
The week she turned four, our princess made some big leaps and bounds – she started skipping, she told a pun, she started zipping her own coat. She also started wanting to have me hold her and rock her like a baby every twenty minutes, among other things that others may think of as backward steps. But I don’t mind.


One advantage of being four years into this journey is that I can finally celebrate the milestones she reaches as unique and individual – and accept the apparent “backward” steps as little gifts, since she’ll be moving forward again all too soon.
While parenthood is permanent, and I won’t be getting a degree and moving on soon, I have learned a lot – and have so much to learn – as we continue to celebrate Abi’s life every day.

This is the cover cake from King Arthur Flour’s Whole-Grain Baking, which might just be the best cookbook in the world.


One response to “Four Years

  1. Sweet post! Happy birthday to Abi! Beautiful cake!!! So funny – I have to return that cookbook to the library today 😦 I may just have to make the purchase!

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