We’re at a difficult point for trying to stay active and outdoors as a family. I’m starting to really slow down with the pregnancy, and Abi is in an “inbetween” kind of stage – almost too big to pull in the bike trailer, definitely too big for the backpack, but not hiking much more than a mile (I think a mile is pretty good for a 3-year old). It’s hard for us to get in a decent “grownup” workout and bring Abi along too. But, we are having lots of fun taking Abi-paced hikes, which involve:

Trail Monsters
Hide and Seek

Troll Bridges

We may not have reached any vistas along the Appalachian Trail yet, but if we keep making it fun and getting outside together, I’m sure we’ll be reaching them, together, in no time.


2 responses to “Inbetweens

  1. Yay, Abi is wearing my hat:) But it looks a little small (so is Moby’s).

    There are a few nice hikes out at the Bear’s Den near the Shenandoah on Rte 7. We can go there if you have time during your visit.

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