How to completely exhaust one’s self…

…without traveling very far. Friday we loaded up for a bike-camping adventure as a family. I have been really wanting to try this for a while, and a friend at church generously allowed us to borrow their B.O.B. trailer (more on that later) so it was a possibility. I also have a sparkly new Ridley ‘cross bike, and since I can’t race this year (more on that in another post) I needed some sort of break-in ride to remember.

We somehow ended up going on the best fall weekend possible. Mid-70’s during the day, mid-40’s at night, with the clearest blue skies you’ll ever see this far from Colorado.
A chilly morning

We biked and camped (2 nights camping, 2 days riding) along the New River Trail, which is a gravel rail-trail that mostly follows the New River. I would like to point out that although it LOOKS flat, it is actually not flat AT ALL when you are hauling trailers with entirely too much stuff in them. NOT FLAT, I say. We rode 24 miles each way, plus a few more into town for dinner without the Bob.

Wes pulled Abi in the Chariot, which contained our clothes and shoes. I pulled BOB, who was more like another member of the trip than a piece of sports equipment. I have spent 3 years pulling Abi around and it did not prepare me for the joys of pulling Bob around, or I should say, having Bob yank me around, for 52 miles. We started to become friends towards the end, and I can see why Bob is the choice of many off-road touring cyclists, once you figure out what he’s doing and that he doesn’t give a rip that you have a new bike with a new paint job. Bob hauled all our camping things – backpacking tent (a little squishy with 3 of us), sleeping bags, etc. We also each carried a Camelbak with our food and water.
Bob” alt=”BOB” />
This is Bob.
Crabtree Falls near Galax

We enjoyed the fall colors to the max – the closer we got to Galax (our destination), the brighter the foliage became. (I would again like to point out that was because we were going uphill). We watched the stars in the clearest night sky I’ve seen since Leadville last year. We made s’mores and played card games. Wes and I talked about how tired we were and how sore our rear ends were every 10 minutes. We slept for 9 or 10 hours in the tent. It was awesome. I wasn’t sure how possible this trip would be, but we picked the perfect place to try it, the distance was just right, all 3 of us had a great time, and the weather was perfect. Oh, and we went out for Barbecue Saturday night. It all added up to a perfect weekend – after our naps on Sunday afternoon, of course.


2 responses to “How to completely exhaust one’s self…

  1. So, anytime I want to completely exhaust myself even more than I am now, I’ll give you a call! What great adventures you go on though!

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