Little bits of normal

There’s so much to say, so much that has happened since we left Colorado. We’ve been in the thick of yet another family emergency, but this time it’s such a blessing to be closer to family. We’re tentatively excited about the new home we’ll be moving into in early August, and tentative at best about selling our home in Colorado. There has been so much upset and change, adventure and hardship that I really relish the little bits of normal home life that happen as we create them.

We’ve had some fun adventures too – cross-country road tripping, paddling on the New with good friends, mountain bike rides, berry-picking and farmer’s-marketing, but I think I’ll save those ventures for a later post.

Living in a small apartment with no outdoor play space with a 3-year old (okay, and a hyperactive 28-year old) has been trying but we are doing our best to make it a home.

A trip to the thrift store scored us an antique bottle centerpiece, matching placemats, a white board, and a towel holder for about $10, and make this place feel infinitely more homey.

Yup, I actually brought my sewing machine and so far have made this yoga skirt and a matching tank top for Miss Abi.

dr abi
Thrift store top, iron-on letters, and a new doctor play set makes for hours of fun.

My almost-annual Tour De France cookies, made with yellow, red, or green m&m’s for each leader’s jersey. Sorting mini m&m’s is a great way to kill time. Abi couldn’t care less about bike racing, but it was fun.

And you know, everything’s okay when you can look at your bike immediately upon waking.


2 responses to “Little bits of normal

  1. I am sure the transition is not always easy, but it looks like you are making the best of it! I am so glad you are on the east coast now, and on our frequent trips to VA, we’ll have to catch up. Thanks for sharing in your highs and lows, and how God is working in your lives!

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