And things I really won’t miss….

About Colorado. And I forgot to mention my job in the last post on things we will miss. Again, something I keep off the blog in general, but heck, we’re leaving. I absolutely love teaching. I don’t always love the subject matter that I’m asked to teach, or whiny students, but I love investing in people. That’s what teaching is about, and I had lots of opportunities to invest this past semester. I even had some *gasp* motivated students this semester.

Okay, things I won’t miss:
1. Um, seriously – you’re wearing spandex. Colored spandex. One can’t be THAT serious/discourteous, regardless of how awesome you are at biking/running/swimming.
2. I-70 Traffic on the weekends. At least the scenery is much better than in, say, D.C.
3. Heavy, wet, snow….in May.
4. I really like the seasons called Spring and Fall, but they don’t seem to exist in Colorado.
5. There is no such thing as an empty, solitary trail – even at 10am on a Wednesday. I have looked.
6. Brown everything.
7. The really creepy blue horse statue at DIA with orange glowing eyes. That thing killed someone (really, it did!), so take it down already.
8. Wind, wind, and more wind.
9. Wes getting up at 4am all week and having to sleep all weekend to catch up.
10. Being so far from our families when family is supremely important. Enough said.


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