The things you can do while laying down….

I quit my detox experiment after 3 full days. My scientific mind got ahold of me, more or less (as in there is not a hint of evidence that this does anything beneficial). That, and I’m a total weenie about my stomach.
I also quit because I was able to get my knee surgery moved up 2 weeks, so I am now 2 days post-meniscotomy #2. I’m not sure why, but the pain was unbearable this time, so I was really ready to get the surgery and recovery started. I’ve been really blessed to have yummy food and visits from a few good friends: Amy D and Erica, and I did get dragged to the park today to throw rocks in Clear Creek and watch Abi run around.

Mostly, though, it’s a lot of laying in bed. Did you know that you can accomplish a lot laying down? I’m finally caught up for the first time this semester for work, and Abi and I have had some good book-reading times too. I think grading papers is far more fun when you’re coming down off anesthesia (kidding…kind of). The biggest accomplishment is probably all the healing work going on in my knee, it’s pretty much worn me out for today. I keep falling asleep. Hoping to get back to “normal” here soon and be out on my bike once spring officially arrives!

P.S. I am hoping to get pictures from our trip to AZ up soon on Flickr….

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