Day Two = Dog Poo

Day 2 of the “detox” regimen. For the past 2 days, I have had organic chicken, LOTS of veggies and fruits, oats, tiny bit of herbal supplement, and rice – no wheat products, cookies, dairy, beef, cookies, or cookies.
It also turns out that when you aren’t used to eating this way you have – er – effects. My stomach is less than happy. I hope that in a day or two things turn around, I’m kind of a “quick fix” person and 3 weeks of what I’m experiencing today may not be possible. Supposedly the worse the “side effects” the more you need to do this – I remain skeptical on that one. We will see! One day at a time, one meal/snack at a time.


2 responses to “Day Two = Dog Poo

  1. Sounds like detox is working….I have always found lots of whining to be the best way to deal with it….but push through, it will pass:)

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