3 > 2

IMG_3372, originally uploaded by mtblaura.

Yes, 3 is greater than 2. Greater in great ways and not-so-great ways. We’re dealing with levels of willfulness and sassiness in this cute little package that have been rather shocking. At the same time, we can have a solid conversation with this girl, take her climbing, make loads of artwork together, and lots of other amazing things too. Her heart for other people really astounds me, and her simple trust in us as her parents and God as well….God. She told me yesterday that He makes all the peanut butter for everyone.
Overall, we’re so thrilled to have a 3 year old. She had a lovely Birthday with an extended visit from Grandma and Grandpa Y and Uncle Andrew, with lots of dress-ups and tea parties and other feats of extreme girliness.


3 responses to “3 > 2

  1. Happy Birthday Abi! We are full in that 2 stage with Rachel, but I hear that 4 is the magic number where things start to really click with the kids. I’ll let you know when I get there.

  2. He makes all the peanut butter, huh:) Where do kids come up with this! I wish I got to see you guys more to experience some of this first hand. Lots of love to Abi and her super Mama!

  3. I love extreme girliness. You know, I don’t get much of that at home these days! It was fun getting “stuck” in Colorado, on vacation. We would probably never plan that nice and long of a vacation ourselves! God is good. Thank you, too!

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