Another new year

This was mostly a (boring) racing blog this past year, completely of my own doing, and it’s heading back to what I really want to write about – all the little things that make up our family: adventures, people, moments together. In the past 2 months, I have gained a bit of weight and a bit of perspective along with it.

I have never had an experience like being part of the GT Dirt Coalition in 2009. In college, I wanted to become a semi-pro mountain bike racer after I graduated. That didn’t happen for several reasons: 1.) I got married after college 2.) I was a little busy and 3.) The semi-pro category is now defunct, giving me an excellent excuse for pursuing other things. However, part of me always wondered what it would be like to be a sponsored athlete while juggling all the demands of a “normal” life. GT very generously allowed me a taste of that, despite my fitness level being much more amateur than elite. I’ve had my taste, and I’m full, and happy.

GT announced that the Dirt Coalition will not continue in 2010, although I will still be racing on the bike (and using the tent) for quite some time. I’d love to share with you a detailed racing schedule, lots of huge things for 2010, but so far, 2010 has been a year of happiness and one of remarkable stability for our little family. Honestly, quite honestly, with the uncertain future looming out there, I am happy being right where we are. And if you know me well, that is huge.

We’re still working on getting back into racing shape, as long as it includes plenty of skiing and cookie-eating. We missed the cut off for all the local road racing teams, but we’ll likely lone ranger a few crits (road racing without a team loses its appeal quickly) and show up at the local mountain bike races. We hope to complete our first 24-hour adventure race at the end of July. And continue to enjoy just being where we are.


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